Dilemma Games
The Gordian Knots

Legend tells... In the town of Gordian in ancient Greece, a ship anchored and was tied in a large, complicated and tangled knot that was hard to unravel. There the ship was stuck at the pier for many months, and none of the towns' people was able to untie this knot. Alexander the Great, he is Alexander of Macedonia and he came to this town. He heard the story of the knot and came enraged to the pier and looked at the knot for a long time. The crowd that gathered around him hoped he would be able to untangle the knot. Then he drew his large sword and with one powerful strike he tore the rope and released the ship.

In this newly designed series you can find nine knots that appear unsolvable. All of them are topological, complex and very tangled.The games are small, barely the size of your palm. The games are tough to solve. Warning, keep them away from people with fragile egos as the use of a sword is prohibited here.

I.Q. 853
The Gordian Pillar
9x7.5x11 - 0.1
I.Q. 850
The Gordian Couple
10x8x11 - 0.13
I.Q. 856
The Gordian Plummet
15x15x6 - 0.12
I.Q. 855
The 3 Pillars
12.5x6.5x9.5 -
I.Q. 851
The Gordian Bridge
10x10x7.5 - 0.0
I.Q. 858
The Gordian Gates
12x6x9 - 0.12
I.Q. 857
The Gordian Octopus
6.5x6.5x9.5 - 0
I.Q. 852
The Gordian Tie
6x6x15 - 0.05
I.Q. 854
The Gordian Football
9x9x6 - 0.09
Gordian Lock
7.5 x 22 x 14.2 - 0.25