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    A brand new series of an OUTDOOR game & brain teasers in several sizes,
    by DILEMMA GAMES Factory.

    Made from
    Our RUBBER WOOD in our unique design.

    The target is to Help the nice lady to step outside the bus ? ?
    (Trough the EXIT hole located at the bottom.
    Lifting pieces is forbidden.)

    A unique version of our famous Escape game.

  • Preparing DILEMMA GAMES HALL @ The CHINA MILLENNIUM MONUMENT INTELLECTUAL EDUCATION CENTER. Proud to take a part at the annualy #educational meeting, by BEJING 01 Education @ BAIJING CAPITAL NORMAL UNIVERSITY.
  • EduKiddy Zoo puzzles



    A brand-new series for 2022, jigsaw brain teasers for ages 3+, made from our premium Rubber wood, and nontoxic safe colors, assisting kids to get a basic familiarity with: NUMBERS&ALPHABET.




    Each puzzle includes dozens of numbers and letters.

    Each one of them has 3 targets:

    1- Jigsaw assembling.

    2- building the puzzle with numbered hints.

    3- building the puzzle with the lettered pieces hints.


    More to come soon,





  • A 2022 new series of: CIRCULAR DILEMMAS.
    Including 6 brain teasers &Games.
    All are located in A natural SLICE Of a Monkeypod timber.
    We added laser lines, pegs and pieces, creating a perfect unique Home Decor beauty item.



  • SMART FURNITURE, made from premium RUBBER WOOD:


    2022-launching the new innovative premium line of our unique
    smart furniture line.

    Games ,puzzles and brain teasers made from Rubber.
    Premium production line is added now to our outdoors line.



  •  SMART FURNITURE, made from premium PLYWOOD


    2022-launching the new innovative premium line of our unique
    smart furniture line.
    games ,puzzles and brain teasers made from SOLID plywood timber
    Premium production line is added now to our outdoors line.



  • 2022: New Packaging idea, Eco bags and window boxes:

    made from Thai MULBERRY BARKS TREE.

    Consider it as a Strong and durable paper.

    The handle Sticks  are made from TAMARIND tree pieces.


  • November 2021, DilemmaGames activities CHINA, Primary Schools students are traning with THINK&SOLVE Educational curriculum @The China Millennium Mounment Intellectual Education Activity.






  • Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2020, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center ,6-9 January 2020,Hall 1A, Booth B01






  • Asia Books@ Maya mall ChiangMai, Dilemma games activity, October 2020









  • Dilemma games are played during sessions of THINK&SOLVE; Primary and middle schools activities, Beijing 2019





  • Xiamen Fujian, China Dilemma Games Activity 




  • HK Toys & Games Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center , 8-11 January 2019, Hall 1A, Booth B01





  • HK Toys & Games Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center , 8-11 January 2018, Hall 1A, Booth B01



  • Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, 20-23 October, 2017, Hall 5F, Booth 5F-E1 & E3   


  • Hong kong Gifts & Premuim Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center , 27-30 April 2017, Hall 1A, Booth 1A-F28





  • HK Toys & Games Fair, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center , 9-12 January 2017, Hall 1A, Booth B01





Croatia -- Think & Solve center  





Compitition : Grade 5 and 6 of Primary schools

in China 2016






Thinking coaches course, Beijing Capital Normal university, January 2015,

Dilemma Games Training



New Display Set-16M Sized Wooden Puzzles



Dilemma Games Golden Lab Activities for the Elderly




Dilemma Games in China




New Office from Dilemma Games





Training of Dilemma Korea


Activities of Dilemma Games Chinese Agent




Golden Belt- Mind Fitness Center for the Elderly



New Export Office and Show Room






110 thinking labs will be launched in Beijing China at over 100 primary schools on September 2012. A contract is signed between Dilemma Games China and Chinese officials. Contact us for more details on our unique Education system: THINK&SOLVE at education@dilemmagames.com


Upgrades of Dilemma Thinking Labs

Dilemma Games have developed 6 thinking labs of our puzzles and games the 6 educational syllabuses. Each Thinking lab can be used during 1 year of study containing 6 OUTDOOR PUZZLES & 200 wooden games, making a total of 206 games per lab, for each grade.


Now you can use a perfect combination of: TEACHERS MANUAL BOOK FOR THE GRADE+ WORKING SHEETS+ A PERFECT THINKING LAB, as a complete kit for that Grade!!


For more details about our "Thinking Labs", please Click here to View!


6 New Snake Cubes



Dilemma Activities All Over the World




 NEWS !!

1--According to a new and innovative system, Dilemma Games now offer our full range PACKED IN 2 TYPES OF QUALITY GIFT BOXES.



We have also re-arranged our full range of products into different sizes and added boxing offers to each. So now you may select the items and add their matching packaging. You can create your own box design, with customized logo, texts, picture, color etc... 


New Packing Boxes




New Display Boxes





2- Meantime, we have upgraded our puzzles instructions sheets with high quality laser printing on RECYCLABLE Brown Rice paper, including QR Codes that lead to video clip solutions in YOUTUBE. You may see pictures of the above in “packing ideal” of this website.



3- Teacher's Manual for Think&Solve Educational Curriculum - 6 Grades

Dilemma Games now offers all educational knowledge in the Think & Solve Curriculum in six levels, consisting a systematic curriculum of 6 years. Each level’s material is for use of the period of one year, one session every week. As in Karate, “Dilemma White Belts” represents beginner’s level, the level advances with every year a student attends the course, yellow, green, blue, brown, and finally black- the master level. 






4-New Shop Display Sets

5-Dilemma Games remains to be the only supplier of colored metal puzzles worldwide.  


Own a small business? SME? Our factory MOQ is too high for you?

Now, we offer a solution to deliver orders with smaller values.

Contact Miss Nicky Boonma at factory@dilemmagames.com for more details!




Click to View Dilemma "Package Offer of Think & Solve Educational System" 


Chlick to view "World Enterprise Magazine" feature on Dilemma Games-"Bright Brains"






Please contact us for hard copy of the catalogue at factory@dilemma-games.com

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News! Dilemma Games Thinking Coach Training 22nd,Dec,2010-1st,Jan,2011


New! Fancy window box with premium quality.



Thinking Coaches Course in Beijing Capital Normal University




Dilemma Games in International Shows